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Submitting an Issue Guidelines⚓

If you've found a new bug or you've come up with some new feature which can improve the quality of the VidGear, then related issues are welcomed! But, Before you do, please read the following guidelines:

First Issue on GitHub?

You can easily learn about it from creating an issue wiki.


Please note that your issue will be fixed much faster if you spend about half an hour preparing it, including the exact reproduction steps and a demo. If you're in a hurry or don't feel confident, it's fine to report issues with less details, but this makes it less likely they'll get fixed soon.

Search the Docs and Previous Issues⚓

  • Remember to first search GitHub for a open or closed issue that relates to your submission or already been reported. You may find related information and the discussion might inform you of workarounds that may help to resolve the issue.
  • For quick questions, please refrain from opening an issue, as you can reach us on Gitter community channel.
  • Also, go comprehensively through our dedicated FAQ & Troubleshooting section.

Gather Required Information⚓

  • All VidGear APIs provides a logging boolean flag in parameters, to log debugged output to terminal. Kindly turn this parameter True in the respective API for getting debug output, and paste it with your Issue.
  • In order to reproduce bugs we will systematically ask you to provide a minimal reproduction code for your report.
  • Check and paste, exact VidGear version by running command python -c "import vidgear; print(vidgear.__version__)".

Follow the Issue Template⚓

  • Please format your issue by choosing the appropriate template.
  • Any improper/insufficient reports will be marked with MISSING : INFORMATION 🔍 and MISSING : TEMPLATE ❔ like labels, and if we don't hear back from you we may close the issue.

Raise the Issue⚓

  • Add a brief but descriptive title for your issue.
  • Keep the issue phrasing in context of the problem.
  • Attach source-code/screenshots if you have one.
  • Finally, raise it by choosing the appropriate Issue Template: Bug report 🐛, Proposal 💡, Question ❔.


Last update: August 12, 2022