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StreamGear API: Single-Source Mode

Single-Source Mode Flow Diagram
Single-Source Mode generalized workflow


In this mode, StreamGear transcodes entire audio-video file (as opposed to frames-by-frame) into a sequence of multiple smaller chunks/segments for adaptive streaming.

This mode works exceptionally well when you're transcoding long-duration lossless videos(with audio) files for streaming that requires no interruptions. But on the downside, the provided source cannot be flexibly manipulated or transformed before sending onto FFmpeg Pipeline for processing.

SteamGear supports both MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, ISO/IEC 23009-1) and Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) with this mode.

For this mode, StreamGear API provides exclusive transcode_source() method to easily process audio-video files into streamable chunks.

This mode can be easily activated by assigning suitable video path as input to -video_source attribute of stream_params dictionary parameter, during StreamGear initialization.

New in v0.2.2

Apple HLS support was added in v0.2.2.

Please Remember

  • Using stream() function instead of transcode_source() in Single-Source Mode will instantly result in RuntimeError!
  • Any invalid value to the -video_source attribute will result in AssertionError!

Usage Examples

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