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CamGear FAQs⚓


What is CamGear API and what does it do?⚓

Answer: CamGear supports a diverse range of video streams which can handle/control video stream almost any IP/USB Cameras, multimedia video file format (upto 4k tested), any network stream URL such as http(s), rtp, rtsp, rtmp, mms, etc. In addition to this, it also supports live Gstreamer's RAW pipelines and YouTube video/livestreams URLs. For more info. see CamGear doc ➶.


I'm only familiar with OpenCV, how to get started with CamGear API?⚓

Answer: First, see Switching from OpenCV, then go through CamGear doc. Still in doubt, then ask us on Gitter ➶ Community channel.


How to change OpenCV source backend in CamGear API?⚓

Answer: See its Parameters ➶. Its, backend(int) parameter sets the backend of the source. Its value can be for e.g. backend = cv2.CAP_DSHOW in case of Direct Show.


How to get framerate of the source in CamGear API?⚓

Answer: CamGear's framerate global variable can be used to retrieve framerate of the input video stream. See this example ➶.


How to compile OpenCV with GStreamer support?⚓

Answer: For compiling OpenCV with GSstreamer(>=v1.0.0) support:


How to change quality and parameters of YouTube Streams with CamGear?⚓

Answer: CamGear provides exclusive attributes STREAM_RESOLUTION (for specifying stream resolution) & STREAM_PARAMS (for specifying underlying API(e.g. yt_dlp) parameters) with its options dictionary parameter. See this bonus example ➶.


How to open RTSP network streams with CamGear?⚓

Answer: You can open any local network stream (such as RTSP) just by providing its URL directly to CamGear's source parameter. See this bonus example ➶.


How to set Camera Settings with CamGear?⚓

Answer: See this usage example ➶.


Can I play 4K/8k video with CamGear API?⚓

Answer: Yes, you can if your System Hardware supports it.


How to synchronize between two cameras?⚓

Answer: See this bonus example ➶.


Can I use GPU to decode the video source?⚓

Answer: See this issue comment ➶.


Why CamGear is throwing warning that Threaded Queue Mode is disabled?⚓

Answer: That's a normal behavior. Please read about Threaded Queue Mode ➶


Last update: July 31, 2022