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Getting Help⚓

Getting help
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Would you like to get help with VidGear?

There are several ways such as:

Frequently Asked Questions ⚓

Got a question related to VidGear Working?

Checkout the Frequently Asked Questions - a curated list of all the questions with adequate answer that we commonly receive for quickly troubleshooting your problems:

Bonus Examples ⚓

How we do this with that API?

Checkout the Bonus Examples - a curated list of all experimental examples with unusual configuration that aren't included in general usage examples:

Join our Gitter Community channel ⚓

Have you come up with some new idea 💡 or looking for the fastest way troubleshoot your problems

Join and chat on our Gitter Community channel: Glitter chat

There you can ask quick questions, swiftly troubleshoot your problems, help others, share ideas & information, etc.

This is what you do when... ⚓

Reporting an issues ⚓

Want to report a bug? Suggest a new feature?

Before you do, please read our guidelines ➶

Preparing a Pull Request ⚓

Interested in contributing to VidGear?

Before you do, please read our guidelines ➶

Last update: July 20, 2022