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ScreenGear FAQs⚓


What is ScreenGear API and what does it do?⚓

Answer: ScreenGear is designed exclusively for targeting rapid Screencasting Capabilities, which means it can grab frames from your monitor in real-time, either by defining an area on the computer screen or full-screen, at the expense of inconsiderable latency. ScreenGear also seamlessly support frame capturing from multiple monitors as well as supports multiple backends. For more info. see ScreenGear doc ➶


I'm only familiar with OpenCV, how to get started with ScreenGear API?⚓

Answer: First, see Switching from OpenCV, then go through ScreenGear doc. Still in doubt, then ask us on Gitter ➶ Community channel.


ScreenGear is Slow?⚓

Answer: This maybe due to selected backend for ScreenGear API is not compatible with your machine. See this usage example to change backend ➶. Try different backends, and select which works the best for your machine.


How to define area on screen to record with ScreenGear?⚓

Answer: See this usage example ➶


How to record video from all connected screens?⚓

Answer: With mss backend, see ScreenGear's monitor parameter that sets the index of the monitor to grab a frame from. If its value is -1, it will record from all monitors. More information can be found here ➶


Last update: July 4, 2023