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ScreenGear API⚓

ScreenGear in action!
ScreenGear API in action


ScreenGear is designed exclusively for targeting rapid Screencasting Capabilities, which means it can grab frames from your monitor in real-time, either by defining an area on the computer screen or full-screen, at the expense of inconsiderable latency. ScreenGear also seamlessly support frame capturing from multiple monitors as well as supports multiple backends.

ScreenGear API implements a multi-threaded wrapper around dxcam, pyscreenshot & python-mss python library, and also flexibly supports its internal parameter.

Helpful Tips


You can import ScreenGear API in your program as follows:

from vidgear.gears import ScreenGear

Usage Examples⚓

After going through ScreenGear Usage Examples, Checkout more of its advanced configurations here ➶




Last update: July 4, 2023