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Stabilizer Classāš“

VidGear's Stabilizer in Action
(Video Credits @SIGGRAPH2013)

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Stabilizer is an auxiliary class that enables Video Stabilization for vidgear with minimalistic latency, and at the expense of little to no additional computational requirements.

The basic idea behind it is to tracks and save the salient feature array for the given number of frames and then uses these anchor point to cancel out all perturbations relative to it for the incoming frames in the queue. This class relies on Fixed-Size Python Queues for error-free & ultra-fast frame handling.

For more detailed information on Stabilizer working, See this blogpost āž¶


  • Real-time stabilization with low latency and no extra resources.

  • Works exceptionally well with low-frequency jitter.

  • Integrated with VideoGear, therefore, can be applied to any incoming stream.

  • Also seamlessly works standalone.


  • The stabilizer may not perform well against High-frequency jitter in video. Use at your own risk!

  • āš  The stabilizer might be slower for High-Quality videos-frames.

  • It is advised to enable logging on the first run for easily identifying any runtime errors.


You can import Stabilizer Class in your program as follows:

from vidgear.gears.stabilizer import Stabilizer

Usage Examplesāš“

After going through Stabilizer Class Usage Examples, Checkout more of its advanced configurations here āž¶




Last update: June 27, 2022