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VideoGear API⚓

VideoGear Flow Diagram
VideoGear API's generalized workflow


VideoGear API provides a special internal wrapper around VidGear's exclusive Video Stabilizer class.

VideoGear also acts as a Common Video-Capture API that provides internal access for both CamGear and PiGear APIs and their parameters with an exclusive enablePiCamera boolean flag.

VideoGear is ideal when you need to switch to different video sources without changing your code much. Also, it enables easy stabilization for various video-streams (real-time or not) with minimum effort and writing way fewer lines of code.

Helpful Tips

  • If you're already familar with OpenCV library, then see Switching from OpenCV ➶

  • It is advised to enable logging(logging = True) on the first run for easily identifying any runtime errors.


You can import VideoGear API in your program as follows:

from vidgear.gears import VideoGear

Usage Examples⚓

After going through VideoGear Usage Examples, Checkout more of its advanced configurations here ➶




Last update: June 27, 2022