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WriteGear API: Non-Compression Mode⚓

Non-Compression Mode
WriteGear API's Non-Compression Mode generalized workflow


When compression_mode parameter is disabled (.i.e compression_mode = False), WriteGear API uses basic OpenCV's inbuilt VideoWriter API tools for encoding multimedia files but without compression.

This mode provides flexible access to OpenCV's VideoWriter API,and also supports various parameters available within this API, but lacks the ability to control output quality, compression, and other important features like lossless video compression, audio encoding, etc. which are only available in Compression Mode. Thereby, the resultant output video-file size will be many times larger as compared to Compression Mode.


Important Information

  • In case WriteGear API fails to detect valid FFmpeg executables on your system, it will automatically switches to this(Non-Compression) Mode.

  • It is advised to enable logging(logging = True) on the first run for easily identifying any runtime errors.

Usage Examples⚓

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Last update: June 27, 2022