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Helping VidGearβš“

Helping Vidgear

Liked VidGear? Would you like to help VidGear, other users, and the author?

There are many simple ways to help us:


Star VidGear on GitHubβš“

You can star 🌟 VidGear on GitHub: GitHub Repo stars

It helps us a lot by making it easier for others to find & trust this library. Thanks!


Help others with issues on GitHubβš“

You can see through any opened or pinned existing issues on our GitHub repository, and try helping others, wherever possible: GitHub issues


Watch the GitHub repositoryβš“

You can watch πŸ‘€ VidGear Activities on GitHub: GitHub watchers

When you watch a repository, you will be notified of all conversations for that repository, including when someone creates a new issue, or pushes a new pull request.

You can try helping solving those issues, or give valuable feedback/review on new Pull Requests.


Tweet about VidGearβš“

Tweet about VidGear and Spread the word πŸ—£:

Let others know how you are using VidGear and why you like it!


Helping Authorβš“

Donations help keep VidGear's development alive and motivate me (as author). ❀

It is something I am doing with my own free time. But so much more needs to be done, and I need your help to do this. For just the price of a cup of coffee, you can make a difference πŸ™‚

Thanks a million! 😊


Connect with Authorβš“

You can connect with me, the author πŸ‘‹:

Author Image

  • Follow author on GitHub: GitHub follow
  • Follow author on Twitter:
  • Get in touch with author on Linkedin: Linkedin follow


Last update: July 20, 2022