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PiGear Examples⚓


Setting variable picamera parameters for Camera Module at runtime⚓

You can use stream global parameter in PiGear to feed any picamera parameters at runtime.

In this example we will set initial Camera Module's brightness value 80, and will change it 50 when z key is pressed at runtime:

# import required libraries
from vidgear.gears import PiGear
import cv2

# initial parameters
options = {"brightness": 80} # set brightness to 80

# open pi video stream with default parameters
stream = PiGear(logging=True, **options).start() 

# loop over
while True:

    # read frames from stream
    frame =

    # check for frame if Nonetype
    if frame is None:

    # {do something with the frame here}

    # Show output window
    cv2.imshow("Output Frame", frame)

    # check for 'q' key if pressed
    key = cv2.waitKey(1) & 0xFF
    if key == ord("q"):
    # check for 'z' key if pressed
    if key == ord("z"):
        # change brightness to 50 = 50

# close output window

# safely close video stream


Last update: October 25, 2021