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Stabilizer Class FAQs⚓


What is Stabilizer Class and what does it do?⚓

Answer: Stabilizer Class is an auxiliary class that enables Video Stabilization for vidgear with minimalistic latency, and at the expense of little to no additional computational requirements. For more info. see Stabilizer Class doc ➶


How much latency you would typically expect with Stabilizer Class?⚓

Answer: The stabilizer will be Slower for High-Quality videos-frames. Try reducing frames size (Use reducer() method) before feeding them for reducing latency. Also, see smoothing_radius parameter of Stabilizer class that handles the quality of stabilization at the expense of latency and sudden panning. The larger its value, the less will be panning, more will be latency, and vice-versa.


How to remove black borders in output video after stabilizing it?⚓

Answer: See crop_n_zoom parameter of Stabilizer class, that enables the feature, where it crops and zooms frames(to original size) to reduce the black borders from stabilization being too noticeable (similar to the feature available in Adobe AfterEffects). It works in conjunction with the border_size parameter, i.e. when this parameter is enabled border_size will be used for cropping border instead of making them. Its default value is False.


Can I use Stabilizer directly with OpenCV?⚓

Answer: Yes, see this usage example ➶.


Why stabilization is not working properly for my video?⚓

Answer: The Stabilizer may not perform well against High-frequency jitter in video. But,you can check if increasing smoothing_radius parameter value helps but it will add latency too.


Last update: August 11, 2021